KLEVAS – fleet management, transport planning and streamlining


KLEVAS is an advanced tool for transportation and forwarding businesses as well as manufacturers and trading companies that may have their own vehicle fleets or outsource load transportation directly to hauliers. It simplifies management of whole-truck loads and general cargo as well as management of vehicle fleets.



  • structures information flow,
  • streamlines transport routes,
  • enables to minimise empty truck runs,
  • facilitates monitoring of service operation and insurance renewal dates,
  • identifies areas generating excess costs.


 Klevas - Freight forwarding software - transportation management system - SKG



KLEVAS is an advanced TMS-class system enabling to record forwarding orders, consolidate LCL loads, communicating transport orders to external hauliers and own drivers as well as invoicing and settlements with clients and balancing costs. The system offers tools for reporting data according to any selected parameters. The system is ready to connect with the satellite monitoring system which enables full functionality of the system. Users can benefit from a configurable client communication module that enables, among others, the following:

  • tracking the load,
  • on-line recording of new orders,
  • e-mail notification of load collection and delivery,
  • quality control of the order portfolio.


Integration with electronic maps enables to automatically set transport routes, calculate distances between route points, verify address correctness and visualise vehicle location on the road network.