Customs Gateway (Wrota Celne) – easy and simple processing of customs declarations


Customs Gateway (Wrota Celne) helps companies involved in international businesses to swiftly lodge customs declarations. It also provides excise tax payers with tools to settle the tax and to process transfers of excise goods between fiscal warehouses.


With Customs Gateway, you will:

  • swiftly process any transaction that requires contacting the Customs Office,
  • minimise the cost of processing of excise tax guarantees,
  • integrate customs declarations processing with your own IT system,
  • avoid investments in IT infrastructure,
  • obtain technical and substantive support from SKG specialists.


 SKG - Customs Gateway (Wrota Celne) – easy processing of customs declarations

The Customs Gateway is a cloud-based solution that enables easy communication with customs systems and additionally it:

  • offers single interface for various customs and excise tax systems,
  • simplifies linkage of correspondence into threads and document archiving,
  • processes all the necessary document operations (editing, e-signature, sending and receiving feedback) in a single application.


The Customs Gateway offers a number of useful functionalities:

  • embedded customs duty calculator that controls the correctness of tariff codes and calculates the duties applicable on the date of document creation,
  • validation of data and possibility for authorised persons to edit a document before signing it and sending it to a customs system,
  • management of document record with easy access to current open cases and completed cases,
  • compilations and reports, data export to XML and Excel files,
  • several languages of the interface available,
  • customs transactions may be sent automatically from corporate ERP system.