Customs systems for public administration


These projects are implemented upon request from national customs administration.


Solutions implemented in such projects significantly improve the economy’s competitiveness by enabling:

  • simplification of customs procedures,
  • reducing the cost of export and import processing,
  • streamlined processing of the growing volume of goods in international trade,
  • more effective elimination of law violation attempts,
  • more effective collection of customs duties.


Based on long-standing experience in developing and maintaining IT customs systems in EU Counties, SKG has developed a conceptual model of a system that may be used for different customs administrations of countries that actively participate in international trade.


The model is based on the following assumption: a customs system does not have a monolithic structure but is made of integrated subsystems, where each of them:

  • operates and may be developed irrespective of the other subsystems,
  • communicates with other subsystems through well-defined interfaces,
  • may work with different hardware and software platforms,
  • may come from various providers and be developed in different technologies,
  • meets the needs of global and regional economic, trade and customs organisations,

enables rapid and cost-efficient adjustment of functionalities to local and regional needs.


SKG - Customs systems for public administration