PLANUS – advanced customs procedures support system


PLANUS is a solution for:

  • customs agencies,
  • companies making large numbers of cross-border transactions,
  • companies trading in excise duty goods.


PLANUS enables:

  • to achieve better effectiveness of business processes related to customs and excise duty,
  • to optimise the use of securities and guarantees,
  • to cooperate more closely with the Customs Office using electronic document interchange as well as to record the transactions and documents,
  • to avoid re-entering the same data to several systems, by its integration with other systems.


 PLANUS – customs procedures support system - SKG


PLANUS functionalities include:

  • customs declarations and automatic interchange of messages with customs administration systems related to import, export and transit (CELINA, ECS, NCTS, ICS),
  • preparation of monthly INTRASTAT declarations,
  • customs and fiscal warehouses,
  • inward processing procedures,
  • warehouse
  • excise guarantee balancing,
  • maintaining VAT records in connection with customs procedures,
  • automated client settlement and invoicing for the customs agency services providers.


PLANUS may be integrated with other IT systems in the organisation, with respect to corporate’s architecture, processes and transactions.


The system provides maximum scalability and possibility to share data in distributed IT environment with highest security standards. Any modification of a document content leaves an audit trail.


In the event of legislation amendments, customers with active support are provided with full implementation of necessary changes.