eArchiwista – your archive finally structured


eArchiwista is suitable solution for companies obliged to retain VAT invoices, customs, tax, HR records, etc., for many years. The solution facilitates archiving and further retrieving of documents using various selected criteria.


eArchiwista’s advantages:

  • extremely easy archiving of customs declarations in XML format,
  • easy linking of customs declarations to commercial records,
  • fast adding and annotating of documents,
  • easy retrieval,
  • access rights management for sensitive corporate data.




eArchiwista is used for archiving electronic documents and scanned documents with extended support for customs systems messages. It provides users with access to set their own internal identification rules, description and set of documents structure in line with the organisation’s structure. User rights management functions enables to adjust security procedures to the company’s internal policy, ensuring the data are protected against unauthorised access and loss of documents. The basic document data are filled in automatically when the file is uploaded.


eArchiwista offers an extensive functionality of a clear graphical presentation of XML messages from ECS and CELINA such as export declaration, release for export, export confirmation, import declaration or confirmation of customs declaration.