Franchise and own retail chains


eSAMBO is a perfect solution for centralised retail chains and networks managing franchisees. It suits stores and supermarkets but also smaller retail outlets.


With eSAMBO, you will be able to:
• make the right decisions based on correct and relevant data,
• maintain sales continuity with minimised stocks,
• quickly and efficiently open your new shops,
• avoid unnecessary investments in IT equipment,
• avoid barriers of company growth.


 eSAMBO - Retail Management System - SKG



eSAMBO BOS is a central back office application that includes a database and tools for managing every element of the retail chain: from a single POS through intermediary regional subsidiaries, industry segments or business units up to the entire chain headquarters.
The application is accessible through web browser from any Internet-connected computer.



eSAMBO FOS is a front office application for sales transactions in the POS: a local database replica, cash register application and management dashboard available through a web browser, enabling to control the work of cash registers and cashiers, issuing invoices for customers, etc.