Systems integration – implementation of the service-based model


Implementation of the service-based model ensures most benefits to companies that use multiple business applications or communicate automatically with a number of external partners.


Such system integration enables to:

  • transform your company in a process-based organisation,
  • save money by identifying outsourceable services,
  • make every IT application provide measurable services for your business purposes,
  • quickly replace specific functionalities or an entire application with minimum interference with the whole IT system,
  • simplify the system by introducing IT management standards.


 SKG S.A. - Systems integration – implementation of the service-based model



Prepare your company for transformation into the next level of corporate IT infrastructure development, namely the SOA (Service Oriented Architecture). It allows to transform the systems used by the company into an interactive “supersystem” that ensures orchestration of the company’s business processes. They are performed by services made available by area-specific applications using a BPMN process engine, an organised register of services and a consistent model of business data.


SKG has extensive experience in integration projects and in SOA architecture implementation gained during the integration of systems in both small and large environments of public administration bodies. This provides us with a broad range of experiences in technologies used for such projects: from Open Source products through to commercial technologies offered by leading providers of integration and SOA architecture solutions.