GRC – simplify your audit, risk management and compliance projects


ACL™ GRC is a simple and flexible mechanism that helps you to improve efficiency and effectiveness of GRC project in Risk Analysis, Controlling and Compliance Departments.



  • insight into strategic risks and analysis results for the management,
  • effective project management tools for Audit, Management and Compliance Departments,
  • based on measures, remedies and reports for shareholders.


Risk and project management, measuring performance with ACL does not require any cost-and time-consuming preparations. ACL GRC offers the best insight into business process integrity, based on data maintained in a cloud enviroment.


ACL GRC means:

  • managing and analysing strategic risks in the context of the organisation and understanding how the company is aware of the gaps in the controlling system and how it intends to respond to them,
  • automated planning, coordination and documentation of work, ability to perform reviews and to communicate with a well-organised, productive and mobile team,
  • removing barriers related to translation of analysis results into action. Improvement is achieved through sharing results, suggested corrective actions and results of change implementation supervision, all of these through data insight.


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