ECM – continuous monitoring of key areas


Enterprise Continuous Monitoring (ECM) by ACL, enhanced with the ACL™ Analytics Exchange technology, enables audit, risk analysis, compliance or controlling specialists to get immediate access to transaction’s data of business processes. This may change current company’s operations into proactive model that helps to protect the company’s business.



  • automation of resource consuming activities and shift of the team’s work into activities requiring creative thinking,
  • seeking areas for potential improvements, hidden in the data,
  • saving time,
  • full insight into data,
  • reduction of the lost revenue streams thanks to identification and elimination of potential losses,
  • rapid response to problems.


ECM enables to protect the company against current and future threats that may entail serious consequences: it is a valuable assurance. Centralisation of data storage, their analysis and distribution of exceptions, visualisation and reporting: all that is included in a single solution. Not only does ECM increase team effectiveness, it also improves work quality, enables to develop best practices and ensures continued insight into data, enabling undertaking of immediate corrective actions.


Suitable for organisations that require:

  • automated monitoring to identify areas for improvement,
  • tracking and monitoring of key performance and risk indicators in order to be able to put corrective actions in place when threshold values are exceeded,
  • immediate notification of exceptions,
  • full inclusion of data into analysis.


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