dab:Exporter – an efficient way to get data


This data extraction solution enables to get data from SAP® R/3TM system without interfering or with minimal interference with system operation. Dedicated for Audit, Controlling and IT Departments that require collection of large amounts of data from the system, frequent execution of the same tasks without affecting the operation of SAP®.



  • no limitations on the volume of data collected from SAP®,
  • different output formats available,
  • concurrent data collection from SAP®,
  • possibility to protect confidential data,
  • Client/Server architecture operation.


dab:Exporter is able to fully and seamlessly extract even such large SAP® tables as BKPF/BSEG.

Thanks to the implementation of segment-based operations, the impact on SAP® operations was reduced to a minimum.


dab:Exporter target data may be saved in different formats, including ACL Analytics, ACL Analytics Exchange, Microsoft SQL Server or comma separated values files.


With its quick installation and easy-to-use interface, dab:Exporter has become preferred tool for data extraction in many large organisations, including a number of companies ranked in the list of 500 largest companies in the world.


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