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dab:AnalyticSuite suites the most audit, internal and external control as well as risk management departments. It is also suitable for continuous monitoring performed by auditors and for data analysts.



  • Automation of analysis processes
  • Predefined tests of many SAP® modules,
  • Analysis of standard SAP® O2C, P2P, GL processes,
  • Ability to run tests in trusted ACL environment,


dab:AnalyticSuite is a solution for SAP data analysis. It covers wide range of predefined tests for large amounts of data. Analyses – also known as reports or control procedures – may be run on request – by clicking a button or scheduled to run in predefined cycles.


dab:AnalyticSuite contains more than 170 analyses, allowing users to achieve results much quicker. Besides of data-set needed to run a dab:AnalyticSuite test, it is also fully documented – includes detailed information on how to read and process the results.


dab:AnalyticSuite tests are available for many processes in an organisation, including Order to Cash, Purchase to Pay, General Ledger and others.


By choosing specific dab:AnalyticSuite modules, user may concentrate on the right task like proper segregation of duties or master data management and create solution which will fulfill their current needs.


All dab:AnalyticSuite are compatible with all ACLTM Desktop/Analytics versions.


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