Data analysis and risk management


SKG offers suite of applications that enables to streamline audit and risk management processes, irrespective of the organisation’s size, maturity and the transactional systems used. Implementation of the software frequently provides our clients with multi-million savings by:

  • eliminating double payments,
  • shortening of the supplier settlement cycle,
  • identification of suspicious transactions,
  • streamlining employee authority management processes,
  • improving quality of data stored in a system.

The solution consists of 5 elements from 2 providers.


ACL product suite includes three solutions aimed at helping specialists in the areas of governance, risk and compliance to identify, analyse and reduce business risk. ACL solutions enable organisations to save time and protect themselves using reliable solutions:


Data analysis – ad hoc analysis of data populations in order to find irregular operations in terms of business norms, internal control standards or legal requirements;


Continuous monitoring – regular transaction data analyses designed as an early warning system in order to prevent and mitigate business consequences related to irregularities by identifying operating gaps or loopholes;


GRC – Management and measurement of risk and control mechanism efficiency in relation to business goals in line with the adopted provisions, standards, policies and business decisions;


dab products family is an integrated software that works at two levels:

  • extraction and downloading unlimited data volumes from SAP® using dab:Exporter,
  • analysis of SAP® data using reliable pre-defined analytical tests dab:AnalyticSuite.


Both solutions may be used for performing ad hoc analyses as well as part of an automated approach to continuous monitoring.


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