The monitoring system of sensitive goods on the territory of Poland – transportation package.

The Polish government is working on the system of monitoring road transport of goods (SENT) combined with GPS tracking of transport vehicles.  New regulations on goods transportation are supposed to enter into force at the beginning of March 2017.


The obligation will apply to both domestic and foreign companies which transport the sensitive goods whose shipment will start on the territory of the Republic of Poland and of those in transit through Poland, for example transport from Germany to Lithuania or Latvia via Poland.


The list of sensitive goods includes motor fuels and their derivatives, fuel additives, heating fuels, lubricants, gear oils, vegetable oils which may be used as fuel additives, anti-freezers based on ethyl alcohol, deicers, thinners, diluters and solvents, denatured ethyl alcohol and dried tobacco.


SKG has extended its Customs Gateway services for communication with SENT system.

The new solution provides:

  • easy document creator,
  • possibility to integrate with other systems,
  • transfer of required messages to the SENT system and the reference number to the truck driver,
  • managing document registry and status monitoring,
  • multi-language interface (Polish, English, Russian).


This functionality is available to all participants: the dispatching entity, receiving entity and vehicle’s driver.


The lack of notification to the SENT system of the Ministry of Development and Finance may result in a fine for the selling party amounting to 46% of the net value of the shipment



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