Customs clearance for your commercial transactions


SKG provides solutions used by national customs administrations and companies dealing with international trade to support customs procedures.


The systems enable to completely eliminate hardcopies of customs documents and streamline communication between the customs office and the company. With snowballing number of transactions, they enabled to:

  • reduce transaction processing costs,
  • increase control effectiveness,
  • simplify procedures.


SKG has built a complete suite of solutions enabling to automate customs procedures. These include:

  • customs systems for public administration – recording of electronic customs declarations, charging fees, controlling of duties collection,
  • Customs Gateway (Wrota Celne) – electronic data exchange between businesses and customs administration,
  • PLANUS – elaborating and exchanging electronic customs declarations based on commercial documents, warehousing documents and forwarding documents.
  • eArchiwista – documents and customs declarations archiving.


SKG - Customs clearance for commercial transactions